Best of the Willamette Valley is powered by Best of Programs, a product of NERUS Strategies, LLC. NERUS Strategies is headquartered in Downtown Salem, Oregon at 494 State Street. The NERUS Strategies LLC mission is to explore ideas that translate quickly to a profitable experience. From better ways to target and reach your market, to helping define Best Of events and special sections, to best practice pricing and marketing.

Best of Programs has produced programs in Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, Northwest Arkansas, Branson, St. George, New Hampshire and North Carolina. 

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  • Paid and Organic Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) targeting Marion and Polk residents
    • Paid Facebook - 75,047 impressions, 25,544 people reached​
    • Organic Facebook - 16,244 people reached
    • Paid Instagram - 19,676 people reached
    • Organic Instagram - 9,006 people reached
  • Direct Mail - 2,800 mailed to business owners in Marion and Polk Counties

  • Email Blast - 544 businesses and over 3,000 households with household income of over $100,000

  • Digital Display Ad Network - 202,312 digital display impressions during voting

  • Outdoor Billboard Advertising - 4 digital billboards in rotation in Salem - 39,900 impressions


  • Direct to Consumers Winners Magazine - Circulation of 20,000 reaching 60,000 consumers
    • Direct Mailed to households with income over $125,000

    • Select pickup locations including winners businesses

  • Results on

  • Digital Display Ad Network

  • Outdoor Billboard Advertising

  • Paid and Organic Social Media (Facebook and Instagram) targeting Marion and Polk residents driving to winners website