Welcome to the Best of the Willamette Valley

The Willamette Valley is a unique place. We live, shop, eat, and play in the great Pacific Northwest and we wouldn't have it any other way. NERUS Strategies, a company born in the Pacific Northwest is producing the Best of the Willamette Valley to engage the community in celebrating the places, restaurants and local businesses we love. NERUS Strategies has produced Best of Las Vegas, Best of Branson, and other programs across the United States and now is bringing their expertise to their home city and surrounding areas.


Introducing the all-new Best of the Willamette Valley Winner’s Magazine. This handy digest size format will be a beautifully produced full color, glossy magazine that will be treasured and well used.

 The magazine will arrive in mailboxes on June 18th, and will be available at winner's locations across the Willamette Valley. This will be a better experience for our readers, winners and advertisers. The digest magazine format will create a guidebook for all things “best” in the Willamette Valley, increasing shelf life.  > More About


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